Water is the world’s primary life-source. It is necessary for hydration, cleanliness, detoxification, metabolism and fighting fatigue. For the majority of people on earth, however, this is where the benefits of water stop. Yet, water’s properties extend beyond the basic, physical world and into the realm of extraordinary healing powers.

On a basic, scientific level, a water molecule has two poles, separated by a dipole length similar to that of a magnet. It is this magnetic quality to water that allows it to store information just as a magnetic video tape or cassette tape records images and sounds. It is also this quality that allows it to store negative information such as pollution. Essentially, water has a memory, and it is that memory that allows it to be one of the most powerful tools in energy healing. Also, like a magnetic tape, water can store information for long stretches of time, and can play this information back for humans. Emotion is the most powerful energy in Earth’s consciousness. Therefore, when emotional energies are stored in water, they become extremely  dynamic tools in the healing process.

Dr. Masaru Emoto conducted an experiment at the IHM Research Institute in which fifty samples of water were exposed to various types of music, positive and negative thoughts, prayer and energy products. The control sample was distilled water. Dr. Emoto and his team then photographed the fifty-one samples of water in order to examine their crystalline structures. A score was assigned to each sample based on these structures. Scores above that of the control (distilled) water sample imply beneficial results, whereas a score lower than the control sample suggests a negative effect of the water. Ultimately, the healthy, beneficial water produced beautiful, symmetrical crystalline structures while the detrimental water failed to take any recognizable shape.

In June 2005, Ludmila Goretsky obtained the results of a similar scientific study in which scientists studied nine samples of charged water and a tenth sample of non-charged control water. The experiment tested human embryonic kidney cell cultures in conditions in which the normal lifespan of the cultures would be eight to ten days maximum. The cultures treated with non-charged water showed rapid cell death, whereas the cultures treated with charged water lived longer than expected.

From both of these experiments, it is evident that water charged with Cosmic Energy does, in fact, absorb informational codes that can effectively heal  the human body and soul. Using charged water to hydrate, bathe, and cook can invigorate and revive the body and the energy fields surrounding it in a way that no other entity can.

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