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The recent release of Elizabeth Gilbert’s heralded memoir, Eat, Pray, Love, in the form of a critically acclaimed movie has people all over the world delighting in self-discovery, most notably, in the form of meditation. The phenomenon surrounding Eat, Pray, Love is a force to be reckoned with in recent pop culture. With a movie deal and a bestselling book topping the charts 158 weeks consecutively, Gilbert’s journey today is anything but homely. However, the root of her journey finds itself in the spiritual realm, similar to that of Ludmila Goretsky’s own meditative work.

In the book, Gilbert abandons a painful divorce, an emotional affair, and debilitating depression in an effort to transcend body, mind, and spirit in a trip across continents. Gilbert’s book itself is structured using japa mala, the beads used as an aid in many forms of Eastern meditation. The book, like the beads, is told using 108 tales divided into three groups of 36. The second cluster of beads denotes the second leg of Gilbert’s travels, and the time spent focusing most on meditation, and freeing the mind, in India.

Meditation is a holistic discipline focused on training the mind in order invoke or cultivate a calm internal state. Meditation is largely a personal experience, however, guidance from masters and experts largely increases the positive affects of the art. We are not bound by our anxieties, instead we can set them free by training ourselves in meditation.  Meditation is simply the act of engaging with one’s mind in order to cleanse the spirit and free the soul, or, as Gilbert puts it, truly finding oneself at the core of their being.

In a recent interview, Gilbert explained that, “sincere self-exploration requires the insight of everyone. One of my guru’s most helpful instructions is to ‘become a scientist of your own experience,’ which I take as an invitation to explore every possible line of human spiritual thinking. The world has been blessed with some extraordinary teachers over history—use them! At some point… hope that your mind has actually absorbed some wisdom, and just sit there in silence, letting your soul ascend to its own leadership.”

Teachers such as Ludmila Goretsky can assist in synchronizing the mind with the body, in allowing the anxiety of every day life to lift and float away with the calm of burrowing into ones own soul in order to calm their body.  The easiest way to achieve a state of meditation is to be aware of the body, particularly in terms of a person’s health. Reducing stress through meditation is a way to help patients of several illnesses naturally deal with pain, and even the illness itself. Doctors have found that even the most difficult illnesses today are often stress induced. Stress makes us miserable and, sadly, ill. Meditation is the easiest way to confront our stresses head on and move forward with our lives.

Imagine, for a moment, a candle flame flickering in the breeze. Compare this candle to the human mind, constantly affected by the conditions surrounding it, flung by the wind, conflicting emotions, and stress. Meditation is akin to placing a glass chimney over the flame and allowing it to burn fully, gloriously, without distraction from wind, weather, or, in the case of meditation, every day life.

Unbiased awareness of this kind leads to appropriate action, which in turn leads to the reduction of stress and a calm mind. During meditation, one’s mind combines with the body, allowing one to perceive situations as they truly are. Detangling from our internal soap operas and allowing thought processes without cognitive identification largely leads to this appropriate action, making our daily life effective and positive.

Perhaps, this is the reason for the Eat, Pray, Love phenomenon. It proves to a world of movers and shakers that taking the time to live fully, to examine the mind, and to release the body from the physical world, if only for a moment, can heal any wound. Gilbert’s journey, at the end of the day, is an inspiration to anyone who has ever let their emotions and every day stresses get the best of them.

Luckily, it doesn’t take a trip to India to discover who we are or who we must be. Instead, it starts with a good teacher and a clear mind close to home. Ludmila Goretsky offers individual and group meditation sessions and guidance to suit every goal and need. Let today be the first day of your own journey into the depths of your spirit through meditation, and let that be a journey worth reading about.

Water is the world’s primary life-source. It is necessary for hydration, cleanliness, detoxification, metabolism and fighting fatigue. For the majority of people on earth, however, this is where the benefits of water stop. Yet, water’s properties extend beyond the basic, physical world and into the realm of extraordinary healing powers.

On a basic, scientific level, a water molecule has two poles, separated by a dipole length similar to that of a magnet. It is this magnetic quality to water that allows it to store information just as a magnetic video tape or cassette tape records images and sounds. It is also this quality that allows it to store negative information such as pollution. Essentially, water has a memory, and it is that memory that allows it to be one of the most powerful tools in energy healing. Also, like a magnetic tape, water can store information for long stretches of time, and can play this information back for humans. Emotion is the most powerful energy in Earth’s consciousness. Therefore, when emotional energies are stored in water, they become extremely  dynamic tools in the healing process.

Dr. Masaru Emoto conducted an experiment at the IHM Research Institute in which fifty samples of water were exposed to various types of music, positive and negative thoughts, prayer and energy products. The control sample was distilled water. Dr. Emoto and his team then photographed the fifty-one samples of water in order to examine their crystalline structures. A score was assigned to each sample based on these structures. Scores above that of the control (distilled) water sample imply beneficial results, whereas a score lower than the control sample suggests a negative effect of the water. Ultimately, the healthy, beneficial water produced beautiful, symmetrical crystalline structures while the detrimental water failed to take any recognizable shape.

In June 2005, Ludmila Goretsky obtained the results of a similar scientific study in which scientists studied nine samples of charged water and a tenth sample of non-charged control water. The experiment tested human embryonic kidney cell cultures in conditions in which the normal lifespan of the cultures would be eight to ten days maximum. The cultures treated with non-charged water showed rapid cell death, whereas the cultures treated with charged water lived longer than expected.

From both of these experiments, it is evident that water charged with Cosmic Energy does, in fact, absorb informational codes that can effectively heal  the human body and soul. Using charged water to hydrate, bathe, and cook can invigorate and revive the body and the energy fields surrounding it in a way that no other entity can.

For moving testimonies of the benefits of charged water, visit

Patients of energy healing practitioners have long testified to its effectiveness, however, these methods are grounded in more than the affirmations of millions of bettered people. Energy healing derives from science and scientific methods. Endorsed by hundreds of acclaimed scientists and notably, a former NASA physicist, energy healing is proven to reduce pain, speed healing in trauma-related injuries, positively influence surgery as well as the healing process of cancers, fibromyalgia, and arthritis among dozens of other auto-immune deficiencies. The science behind energy healing is imbedded in a physics principle, two proven measures of the human energy field, and a notable and telling experiment by Dr. John Zimmerman. In order to fully comprehend the scientific grounding of energy healing, one must first explore the concepts that led to the understanding of the human energy field.

A physics principle called entrainment was discovered in 1665 by a Dutch Physicist and Scientist named Christian Huygens. In his lifetime, he was credited for several breakthroughs in the field of physics and astronomy, notably Huygens’s Principle of secondary wave fronts, Light-Wave Theory, research on the rings of Saturn and revolutionizing pendulum clocks. It was through this research that Huygens noted that when two pendulums were swung from the same place but at different rates they eventually synched in order to swing together at the same rate. This phenomenon, deemed entrainment, is defined as the tendency for two oscillating bodies to adjust so that they vibrate in harmony. This concept is widely used in chemistry, engineering, and life sciences such as zoology. Entrainment, however, extends beyond science. For example, when a person walks into a room full of people laughing, his or her mood automatically lifts to align with the moods of the people already in the room. In energy healing, it is common for the practitioner to place their hands on a patient. The practitioner, in this way, opens their crown chakra and they, themselves, become a channel for positive energy to flow from their body and align with the energy of their patient. The patient’s energy effectively entrains with the practitioner’s energy through this contact and produces a calming, healing effect.

The energy of a person, the basis for all energy healing, can be charted in two scientifically proven ways. Neuroscience paved the way for the discovery of brain wave frequencies in 1908 by Austrian Psychiatrist Dr. Hans Berger. In the 1920s, Dr. Berger invented the Electroencephalograph (EEG) to measure the movement of brain waves. Through this study, six brain wave states were discovered. Lambda and Gamma are the highest frequencies, yet the most common frequencies, in descending order, are Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta. In a twenty-four hour period, most people fluctuate between the four latter brain wave frequencies. As a brain wave frequency lowers, the effect is a reduction of stress, a settling calm, and a rebalancing and healing sensation. Thus, through energy healing, the brain wave frequency of the client is lowered through entrainment, among other methods, to open the body for healing to occur. Additionally, Dr. Willem Einthoven, a Dutch physiologist, discovered the electrical pulse generated by a beating heart and in 1924, he won a Nobel Prize for his creation of the Electrocardiogram (EKG). With the discovery of an electrical field generated by the brain and heart, the science of measuring and altering human energy frequencies became possible.

These scientific findings were applied in the 1980s when Dr. John Zimmerman measured the readings of the hands of energy healing practitioners at the University of Colorado of Medicine in Denver with a Superconducting Quantum Interference Device (SQUID) magnetometer. Dr. Zimmerman measured the bio-magnetic field of several practitioner’s hands, both in a natural state and while conducting a healing session. The practitioner’s hands consistently produced a significantly higher bio-magnetic field when channeling healing energy and thus effectively engaged in entrainment with the two energies of the practitioner and the patient. Non-practitioner’s were also tested in the same way, yet, their bio-magnetic pulses failed to match those of the practitioner’s while they worked. Trained practitioners thus provide a service in healing that is unmatched in practice. Dr. Zimmerman’s experiment revolutionized the science of energy healing by proving with measurable results the effectiveness of energy healing.

Ludmila Goretsky was initiated into the sacred knowledge of energy healing by a Russion guru and for over fifteen years, she has been a trusted healer and teacher for her patients. She uses the science proven over hundreds of years of study in order to treat and prevent several health problems ranging from back and neck pains to anxiety and fatigue to cancer management. The findings in the scientific field only solidify the overwhelmingly positive declarations of Ludmila’s patients in the effectiveness of energy healing.